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sissy-kandi-kelle-martina.mp4 [731.46MB] - Wardrobe: black bra, panties, and heels 0-3: You explain that you are my ex-girlfriend and that you have captured me out of an obsession with being with me. I broke your heart, and now that you have captured me and put me in a cage, you have plans to humiliate me and keep me forever. 3-6: Next, you break down the humiliation. You will feminize me to be your perfect sissy slave. My duties as your maid, gal pal, and cock slut.The behavior modification down to the absolute maximum. You will teach me to walk, talk, and even think like a sweet Disney-princess slave. 6-12: The feminization...this is where you dress me in the frilliest and most pink wardrobe ever including bra, panties, and a dress. When I resist you slap my ass and say "Oh, B***t, you don't have a choice! This is happening! Oh, and we should change your name!" This is where you will change my name from "B***t" to "Kandi." It will end with an "Oh you are so pretty Kandi! This is your life now, I have taken away your masculinity. You are mine forever." From an average Joe to a sissy bitch.

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