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yours-for-the-taking-elise-kino-elisegraves.mp4 [1.71GB] - Kino Payne knows what a horny Elise craves. He binds her in a hogtie, then makes it more challenging by tying her hair to her toe - creating a stressful back arch to maintain. With Elise's mouth stuffed with an inflatable butterfly gag, Kino enjoys the stress that this adds to her situation, however he eventually removes it in order to test Elise's cock sucking skills on a dildo. Kino's unexpected slapping, neck play and manhandling is hot for Elise, and her pussy begins to tell that story. It isn't until Kino takes that dildo and puts it to good use in Elise's pussy that her horniness is obvious. Thick white pussy cream is pulled from her cunt with each thrust of the dildo. After cleaning her mess off the dildo with her mouth, Elise is made to hold it in her mouth while Kino makes Elise orgasm over and over again. Super hot!

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