[2.15GB] Ariel's Anal Training Challenge - Ariel Anderssen

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ariel-s-anal-training-challenge-ariel-anderssen.mp4 [2.15GB] - You've challenged me to wear a series of butt plugs; I love butt plugs, so, so far so good! But you want something a little unusual - once I'm wearing each plug, I have to try to get it out again without using my hands. That doesn't sound too difficult, but once I get started, I discover that trying to use my abdominal muscles to push each one out is surprisingly tricky! I'm determined to keep trying, though. Because surely, getting better and better at getting butt plugs out of my ass will make me better and better at putting butt plugs into my ass? That's my theory. And anyway, once I start, the feeling of the series of butt plugs stretching me open is just too sexy to ignore. I love the feeling of being so full, and I love showing you how naughty I am!

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