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thief-fucked-by-wolf-delphoxi.mp4 [3.40GB] - I'm a thief and I just made it out with most jewels I've ever seen! This will be an amazing payday, if I can escape the area without being caught first! I'm surrounded by bounty hunters, they are patrolling the area searching for me. All I can do is lay low and stay quiet until they move on or give up. I'm quietly waiting to escape when a wolf appears. It starts sniffing my ass and I don't want it to alert the bounty hunters so I let the wolf sniff and hope that allowing him to sniff my ass will keep him calm and quiet, but he wants more and starts growling !! I slide down my panties and the wolf starts going to town eating my pussy like he was trained too! I can't believe how amazing it feels! I try my best to keep quiet while the wolf eats me out so I don't blow my cover, but the wolf still want more and starts to mount me! I can't stop him! I don't want to risk blowing my cover so I let the wold inside me! He viciously fucks my pussy from behind while I try my best to keep quiet! The wolf is such a good fuck!! But still he's not finished, the frisky boy wants to fuck my mouth too and I have to let him! The wolf fucks my mouth until my lips are dripping with loads of his cum! He mounts me again and fucks my pussy until I'm filled with his cum in my mouth and pussy! I'm pleased with my experience with this wolf, he's been a good boy! Or so I thought. As soon as the wolf is finished with me he transforms . . . into a BOUNTY HUNTER!! He was a werewolf all along ! The bounty hunter agrees not to give me away to the others as long as I give him have the jewels and take care of his jewels too. Well I'm not risking getting caught so I agree, I give the werewolf bounty hunter half the jewels and let him fuck my mouth and pussy again in his human form!

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