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stay-the-night-andrea-rosu-torvea.mp4 [658.22MB] - If Andrea Rosu can spend the night in the haunted house, she will get $10,000 from the local radio station. They put up hidden cameras so they can watch her experience and everything is on record. She settles in for the night and the radio crew does not understand why she starts yelling out. <BR><BR> There is a real ghost haunting her and only she can hear him. She assumes that it all fun and games from the radio staff until something throws her back on the bed. It looks like she is miming as she struggles. <BR><BR> Her jacket is pulled off in the wind and she cannot keep it on despite her best efforts. Andrea tries to keep her sweater on but the ghost is determined to get her clothes off of her. She learns that she is being watched by many cameras as her bra is taken off and her tits sway in the wind. She does not think it can get much worse as she jumps up and down with her tits bouncing. As she is bent over the bed and invisibly spanked, she learns a new level of embarrassment. The skirt is yanked off and her hands pull down her panties. <BR><BR> Andrea is now fully exposed and humiliated as the ghosts poses her like a doll. After he has his amusement, she runs off without her clothes in order to escape this crazy house. The radio announcers are surprised that she left but happy to have the show and to save the prize money. OTHER KEYWORDS-stripping, aliens and monsters, garter and stockings, humor, woman following orders, embarrassed nude female, thigh highs, nylons, redhead, MILF, high heels, ENF

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