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sprained-saved-theharlothouse.mp4 [868.80MB] - Feat. Dacey Harlot & Misty Meaner Dacey is in a remote location hiking, she's gotten off the trail following nature into its twisting maze of trees. While walking off the trail Dacey becomes distracted! She trips on a hidden tree root, bending her ankle and falling to the ground HARD! Dacey struggles to get to even ground as she crawls with her injured ankle. Poor Dacey is injured badly! She has no water, her phone has no signal, and it's getting dark quickly. She only has a few hours until the sun goes down! Dacey is stuck in a grim predicament being lost, injured, and scared. She holds her ankle in pain as she looks around for someone but she's so far in the middle of the woods it's doubtful anyone will find her! After about an hour or two Dacey hears the crackling on branches being stepped on and rustling bushes… She's unsure if it's someone to help her, or hurt her. Dacey calls out for help hoping for the best and soon park ranger Misty appears, popping out of the thick brush. Dacey is safe now! Misty gives Dacey some water as she uses her satellite phone to send their coordinates to search and rescue. Dacey is apologetic for all the trouble she's caused, she can't believe this happened! Misty has Dacey tell her exactly what happened as she removes her shoe and sock and performs some field tests on Dacey's ankle. Checking the feeling, having her wiggle her toes, and moving her ankle both up and down and side to side. The side to side movement is unbearable and Dacey can barely move her toes! Misty diagnoses her ankle and decides it isn't broken however there is definitely ligament damage, it may be torn! It's going to be awhile before Dacey is able to put any weight on her foot. Misty doesn't have any ice however she wraps Dacey's ankle and applies an aircast. Misty checks her phone and sees the team is not far away from them! Misty helps to elevate Dacey's foot as she comforts her, caressing her foot and leg. Dacey cannot thank Misty enough for her help and comfort, she is extremely grateful! While they wait for the stretcher, Misty let's Dacey know she's going to have to follow up with a doctor once she's home as Dacey winces and sighs. ANKLE SPRAIN - SPRAINED OUTSIDE - INJURY FETISH - SWELLING - SPRAINED ANKLE

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