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mom-sister-fuck-military-son-part-1-wca-productions.mp4 [1.80GB] - My deployment is finally over and im going home, it was a long deployment but my mom and aunnt Sadie gave me a good send off. they both came to visit me before i left for deployment and we all ended up just fucking in the hotel room the whole trip. the memories of mom and aunt Sadie's lips rapped around my cock are what got me through my deployment, but now im home and super excited to so my family. when i got home my mom and little sister Ana were there to greet me, we made some small talk before mom got dinner started and i went and put my bags in my room. after dinner dad said good night and i went back into the kitchen to try and see mom alone, my sister was still up talking to mom. when i came in and told them dad said goodnight my sister said she was feeling tired too and was gonna head to bed. once my sister was gone i tried to put the moves on mom but she shut me down, she said not while my dad and sister were in the house! so i was heading to bed horny and kinda bummed, sex with my mom was all i could think of on my deployment. when i walked in to my room my sister was there with a big grin on her face, i asked what she was doing in my room. she said she knew about me and mom and about me mom and aunt Sadie. I stood there silent and stunned, and then she said i deserved a hero's welcome home since i was out there protecting our country. i asked her what she meant and then she started stripping, once she was naked she dropped to her knees and pulled my pants down. she grabbed my cock and pulled it toward my mouth. her sucking my dick made me weak in the knees so i asked her if we could move to my bed. once we were up there she just kept sucking, it felt amazing! after a little while mom walked in. i guess she was feeling guilty for leaving me horny after i got home. she saw what we were doing and got a little angry, after a minute she calmed down. then she stripped and got into bed with me and my sister. mom and my sis sucked me off till i filled there throats with my nut! This is part 1 of Mom & Sister Fuck Military Son, it stars Coco Vandi and Anastasia Rose, this a POV Taboo Blowjob scene with military theme

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